Introducing SIGILITY
Introducing SIGILITY

(pronounced like “Agility”) offblue, inc. is proud to introduce SIGILITY Mobile Geo-Analytics for construction documents. This is the first application that we know of to use QR codes on construction blueprints. Every issue, or if required, every page in a construction project’s Bid, Construction, or Addendum issues is printed with a unique QR code in the title-block. This QR code is scanned by our free Android App, SigilityFree (iPhone app coming soon!) to provide important and time-sensitive information, such as whether you are looking at the latest plans, links to download the latest plans directly to your phone or order paper plans to be delivered and full project-based Geo-Analytics for Architects, Contractors and Subs.
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Myth: “Free” software is more expensive in the end
Myth: “Free” software is more expensive in the end

Depends. “Free” software isn’t “cost-free”. It’s “Free” like a Bird. You are going to spend some money on “Free” software, but usually less and it will only have compromises built by your own agenda. Best of all YOU OWN IT! This also means you can charge for it’s use without royalty or middle-man.

Own your code

Get SigilityFree

Get started now - download SigilityFree, our free Android App which scans the QR code on construction drawings. Just scan this QR code with your built-in Android scanner which will download SigilityFree.

Scan a QR code

From your Android device, use SigilityFree to scan a QR code from a set of construction plans.
You will receive real-time information about the project, including if there are newer revisions, options to order paper plans or download updated plans directly to your smart-phone.


Follow your documents! Receive email alerts when old documents are scanned, view a map of your document scans, update contact information, plan-holders lists.

Use Sigility's geo-analytics to track your projects, get real-time feedback from subs and improve your bidding and construction planning.